True Poker

True Poker is one of the most unique poker rooms currently online. The high-end graphics on the site give a look and feel that mimics a real poker room. Since its launch in mid 2001 True Poker has grown to one of the top ten online poker rooms in terms of player volume.

Software & Graphics

True Poker’s graphics are the most advanced in the industry. Players choose their own characters called “avatars” that look, talk, and act differently. Play on True Poker is somewhat slower than most sites, mainly because players are only allowed to play one table at a time. However, certain “tells” used in brick an mortar casinos can be implemented because players hole cards are face down, and must be clicked on to be checked, causing the players charter to move. A special feature unique to True Poker is its personal player log that indicates what action the individual players made, and how much. Standard player not function is also included. True Poke is said to have one of the most anti-collusion systems, that automatically flags “suspicious” play and sends it to team to be reviewed. Bottom line is True Poker is the closes thing “real” poker, online.


Traffic on True Poker is ok, with a over 400 ring game players and 300 tournament players at peak hours.

Sign Up Bonus

When opening an account, use the following link. You must download and install from this link, after install you are automatically eligible to receive bonus:

Click Here! — 30% match on initial deposit up to $100


A few unique promotions at True Poker are Omaha pocket card quads, and winning a hold’em hand with 72 off suit. Not to mention a sign up bonus that is larger than the industry standard, a %30 match on initil deposit up to $100.

Financial Security

True Poker is currently in the top ten online poker rooms in terms of player volume. Safe.

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