PokerNow is a member of the largest poker network on the planet. It is the “sister” site to Party Poker, which means it has a similar look and feel, and shares the same ring game tables, however it does not share the multi-table tournaments. There are good promotions at PokerNow, in fact many players prefer them. The ring games carry such a wide variety of action, and there is always more than enough tables available for any player type. PokerNow host quite a few of there own multi-table tournaments. There is action around the clock for all games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi and Lo, Seven Card Stud, etc.

Software & Graphics

PokerNow’s software is very good. The graphics aren’t too involved, but the play and feel is excellent. PokerNow is a much faster pace than most online sites. Many players say that after they get used to playing at PokerNow its hard to feel comfortable playing at other, slower, online poker sites. Its growth has increased drastically, as a result PokerNow has added servers and increased bandwidth in order to bring full reliability to upwards of 80,000 simultaneous players (including other skins). Making it one of the fastest and reliable online poker sites. Up to four simultaneous tables are allowed per player. Each table is labeled with an average pot size, this number is derived from the last 20 hands played. Players can make notes on other players quick and easily using a locally stored function. Overall, PokerNow’s software is good. It provides an efficient and comfortable way for players to adapt to online play.


PokerNow’s “sister site” Party Poker became the world’s largest site in ring game traffic already by 2002 after one of the largest site launch campaigns to date. Games include no-limit and limit Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud and Omaha. They carry the largest variety of variations including: multi, single table, three table, step tournaments, and qualifiers that could lead to upwards of a 7.5 million dollar prize pool. PokerNow’s traffic continues to increase, ring game traffic peaks at around 80,000 players (including skins), while tournament traffic could reach levels of 13,000 players.

Sign Up Bonus

When opening an account, use either of the following two bonus codes (in the “Sign Up Bonus Code” field when creating account):

play — 20% match on initial deposit up to $100

play25 — $25 bonus on first deposit ($50 minimum)

(For the mathematically challenged, the “play” code is more advantageous for any initial deposit of $125 or more)

CLICK HERE!  **For Step by Step instructions on getting started.


PokerNow is one of the industry leaders in promotions. They offer a consistent monthly reload bonus worth up to $200, as well as an industry standard sign up bonus worth up to $100. Regular clients are offered several different types of promotions ranging from monthly reload bonuses, unlisted bonus codes to free money deposited in their account. PokerNow also has a standard referral bonus of $50 for each referral.

Financial Security

Excellent. PokerNow is a member of the largest online poker network in the world very safe choice.

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