Poker Room

The Poker Room is a unique card room, as it can be, but doesn’t require to be, downloaded in order for players to play. Poker Room is known for its “soft” games, which means games are usually very lively and easily beaten by a more cautious player. Macintosh users find this site especially appealing as it can be installed without any special requirements. Poker Room is regarded as one the best sights in terms of look, feel, and solidarity of the graphics and player volume.

Software & Graphics

The Poker Room software is one of the most reliable in the industry. The program is available without being downloaded as Java applet, and as a downloadable program. It is a favorite among seasoned players because of its clean look, and reliability. An interesting feature is the ability to select a random amount of time to delay prior to action so as not to give away any information to your opponents. Standard features include player notes, chat, and table statistics. The Poker Room is also home to one of the most extremely inventive features, they have a function that allows you to color code other players based on their player “type” as you see fit, letting you know instantly what kind of player they are.


The traffic at Poker Room is very good. Much of the players are concentrated on the hold’em tables, especially tables that only allow a six player maximum. Poker Room has been known to be very appealing to the high limit player, as the player volume on those tables is higher the most online poker rooms. Ring game traffic has been known to peak at over 2,200 players, with tournament traffic peaking at around 3,600 players.

Sign Up Bonus

When opening an account, use the following link. You must fill out the form or download and install from this link, once done you are automatically eligible to receive bonus:

Click Here! — 20% match on initial deposit up to $100


Poker Room has an abundant amount of promotions for its players. Including $1000 daily free rolls, added money tournaments, a $2500 added money tournament that only cost a dollar to participate, a great promotion where the winners become full paid poker professionals for a year with a possible $240,000 income. Other promotions include frequent player points, and a $50 refer-a-friend bonus. As well as the industry standard %20 match on initial deposit up to $100.

Financial Security

Excellent. One of the top online poker rooms in the world. Very Safe Choice.

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