Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker’s size has increased drastically in the last year. It has become a popular favorite among many online poker players. Pacific Poker is know best for their very high-action “easy to win” games. Pacific Poker is a partner in one of the largest online casino groups, CasinoOnNet, as a result loose casino customers are trafficked to the poker tables. Ring games of limit hold’em can often average between 60-80% of players seeing the flop! No limit often averages between 40-50%. The majority of the traffic is made up of hold’em. Bottom line is Pacific Poker has some of the loosest games on the net.

Software & Graphics

Pacific Poker has probably one of the poorest quality software in the online poker industry. They have upgraded their software over two times since its launch, however many say the software is still a little slow, and the graphics are very standard. Players are allowed to play at only one table at a time. Some say this is why there is so much action at the tables, players get impatient. In January 2005 they recently added no-limit ring games to the program. Software carries standard “advance action” buttons, and note taking abilities. Pacific Poker’s tables carry great table statistics including view flop percentage, hands played per hour and online poker hand history function.


Very Good, mostly concentrated to hold’em ring games and hold’em tournaments. Player peaks for ring game’s is usually around 2100 with over 80% at the hold’em tables. Pacific Poker’s tournament traffic has grown enormously in the last year and they now claim a 3500-tournament player peak.

Sign Up Bonus

When opening an account, use the following link. You must download and install from this link, after install you are automatically eligible to recieve bonus:

Click Here! — 25% match on initial deposit up to $100


Pacific Poker is one of the leaders of online promotions. They offer a “Relay Races” tournament with outstanding payouts for anyone who deposits $50 during a certain time period and plays a set limit of hands. Pacific Poker offers reload bonus’ from time to time, as well as a standing “loyalty” bonus where every $10 bet on raked hands earns you 1 bonus point, 100 bonus points can be converted to $1. As well as a higher than industry standard sign up promotion of 25% up to $100.

Financial Security

Excellent. The mother company that owns Pacific Poker is very well established in the online gaming industry. Safe Choice.

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