Inter Poker

Inter Poker got its start in the U.K. and is gaining popularity all over the world. The site is known for the wild and crazy action at the tables, as well as its monthly loyalty bonus for it players. One unique feature to Inter Poker is in order to keep traffic steadily it pays players to start up new games or sit down at short handed ones. Inter Poker is one of my favorite sites, it gives a player to sit down at a table with people from all over the world, with a large majority from Eastern Europe. With the loyalty bonus players have a chance to always be collecting bonus money, and for the average player that can drive your profit margin through the roof. Overall Inter Poker is one of this players top choices.

Software & Graphics

Inter Poker uses CrptoLogic software and shares its player base through there network in order to drive up player traffic. The look of the software is nothing special, but the feel is excellent. Players are able to adapt to play very quickly, and are not agitated with too many contrasting colors. Speed of play is good, and unique feature is the voice options of the dealer. Standard features like chat, table statistics, and player notes are included.


Inter Poker was the fastest growing online poker company in 2004 in terms of player volume. Currently it claims to have over 1,700 ring game players playing simultaneously with over 1,600 tournament players playing at peak hours at peak hours.

Sign Up Bonus

When opening an account, use the following link. You must download and install from this link, after install you are automatically eligible to receive bonus:

Click Here! — 100% match on initial deposit up to $90


Inter Poker has different way of looking at promotions that some find very preferable. The offer smaller medium sized bonuses, but offer quite a bit more frequently. They have a solid $90 signup bonus that only requires players to deposit $90 to be eligible for, and a $90 monthly “loyalty” bonus that all real money players are automatically eligible. Unique to Inter Poker is their “open proposition player program”, which means players get paid $10-$30 an hour by Inter Poker to create a new table or sit down at a short handed one. Inter Poker’s promotions and bonuses are perfect for the player who likes to play but doesn’t want or have a lot of money to invest in poker…yet!

Financial Security

Inter Poker is operated by one of the largest online casinos in the world and is very secure for many years. Very Safe Choice.

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